Glassblowing via Thermal Imaging

Given the opportunity to use a Flir Systems thermal imaging camera, I took to exploring the glassblowing process to understand the thermal laws at play in what expert glassblowers intuitively feel in their work. We produced two pieces to analyze different aspects of the glassblowing process.

A group of local glassblowers were kind enough to show off some of their skills, including Boyd Sugiki, Brandyn Callahan, Granite Calimpong, Jesse England, Minhi Winkempleck, Robert G. Burch, Sam McMillan, Taylor Ames, and Tina Aufiero. Seattle-based musicians Corespondents graciously let us use one of their tracks.


Glassblowing team Boyd Sugiki and Lisa Zerkowitz were also kind enough to allow me to film them working in their hot shop.