• thermal

    Amber Hauch “Disrupting the Flow”

    The only American woman to have achieved maestro status on Murano Island

  • thermal

    Carlo Donà “The Sense of Steel”

    Celebrating 90 years of toolmaking tradition on Murano Island

  • thermal

    Glassblowing via Thermal Imaging

    Curiosity lead to a thermal experiment to better understand what happens to molten glass as it's being formed.

  • 2050-50_2


    What happens when a skateboarder decides to skate across a puddle of hot glass?

  • Fractured Series

    An energetic group of glassblowers use water and a hammer to explore textures in glass.

  • 3

    Molten Nature

    Glass sculptor Martin Blank lets us peek in on the beauty and intensity as he creates his elaborate glass sculptures.

  • GlacialBalance

    Glacial Balance

    A feature documentary told through the words of Andeans and scientists, telling of the human impacts of climate change.

  • TesorosDescartados

    Tesoros Descartados

    A feature documentary living a year alongside Blanca and her children as they recycle in the capital and struggle for survival in a shantytown in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • TaToW

    Trouble at the Top of the World

    A program telling the story of the struggle against climate change in the Peruvian highlands through the eyes of Salvador, an alpaca farmer and mayor of the town of Santa Lucia, Perú.

  • DayDogPark04

    A Day at the Dog Park

    Alternating between 1st and 3rd person/dog perspective, we take a stroll through Marymoor park in Redmond, WA.